“I would not have gotten the results I did without his support.”

Throughout my active career as an athlete in biathlon, I got regularly chiropractic treatments and advise from Jason. He treats my neck and back so that my body is able to function optimally. Due to frequent and extensive training sessions, I have been struggling with my knees. Jason’s chiropractic treatment and training programs has made it possible for me to continue with my training.

If you want to be an Olympic athlete your body has to be able to tolerate a high amount of training. The help Jason gave me, over many years, has been crucial for my ability to perform and compete. Jason played a significant and crucial role in the years I was an active athlete.

Jason can give you the highest quality chiropractic care and advise. He helps you figuring out why to train and how to train based on your level, experience and discipline. He also has a fundamental understanding in how to train to prevent injury.

Gro Marit Istad Kristiansen

Olympic athlete
10 years on the Norwegian National biathlon team
World champion in biathlon – 4 × 6 km relay 2004
World champion in biathlon – 12.5 km mass start 2005

“With Jason’s help I continue to enjoy the sport I love!”

As a former professional bicyclist, I’ve had a lot of intense training and sustained several injuries. With Jason’s care I have been able to recover from severe injuries quicker and return stronger. He has coached me and showen me how to re-hab and pre-hab my injuries. This included how to lift and what exercises to prioritize in my strength training, how to fine tune my training before a new seasons, and fuel my body with proper nutrition.

Jason treats your mind and body. Whenever I talk to him, he makes me feel heard and adapts my treatment and training to suit my current situation. I know that without Jason’s support I would not be able to practice the sport I enjoy so much. I’m healthier, stronger and able to perform at a national level at the age of 50 due to Jason’s care and advice.

Bjarte Vethe

Professional cyclist in Italy and Denmark
Multiple times medalist in the Norway Cup (Elite)
10 times winner Bergen-Voss cycling race
Participated in the World Championship Marathon Elite

“As an aging grappler, structure in all aspects of training and nutrition is important”

When Jason coaches you, the first feeling you get is trust, and that is the most important factor in the relationship between teacher and student. The protocols for nutrition, weightlifting and planning from week to week is structured, easy to follow and you can feel the results within a few weeks. After Jason started coaching me, I got stronger, faster and I felt younger, because of the nutrition, planning of training and the focus on correct restitution. I give Go-rillaz and Jason my highest recommendation. Now get after it!!

Audun Martinsen

BJJ black belt
Gym owner
Multiple times European medalist

“I could not be happier about the news that Jason will share his wisdom and knowledge through this new outlet.”

This man has helped me tremendously both mentally and physically. I used to struggle a lot with neck injuries, but with his care and chiropractic treatment I’m now doing much better.

Everyone who knows this man knows what an impact he has had on the Norwegian bjj community, and he has showed the way by doing, not talking! Very happy that he will share his methods and insights with a larger audience, and I truly recommend this for everyone looking to grow both on and off the mats!

Trond Helgås Østerbø

BJJ Blue Belt
Industrial Engineer

“I can honestly say that Go-rillaz has changed me immensely, I recommend this program to everyone.”

My story begins with a lot of motivation but a lack of direction. This is where Jason came in, his strength in direction was amazing for me. He knew how to take my energy and utilize it in my Jiu Jitsu.
After 6 months of Jiu Jitsu I knew I needed to strengthen my body towards having a lengthy journey in this wonderful art. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to join the training program at Under the watchful eye of Marit and Jason, they analyzed my current status and informed me of where I needed to improve.
A program was made for me and the process of building a better Jiu Jitsu me started. At the start I had issues with correct posture, controlling my progress speed and mostly confidence. Yet with the amazing help of Marit at Go-rillaz all these questions were answered in an easy and friendly way. The feedback during this period was amazing.
So 12 months after starting Jiu Jitsu and 6 months after my Go-rillaz journey began, I am almost unrecognizable from the guy that started. The last 3 months has changed my game completely, people I roll with cannot believe how strong I have become.
Yes, I am a 47 year old man who has been turned into a Jiu Jitsu “Beast”. If you are of a similar age, don’t hesitate to do the same.


Simon Coker

BJJ white belt

Cinema technician